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Digital Signage is an extremely effective and powerful tactic to communicate your message or information. It allows you to be influential, while also leaving space for creativity. That is why digital signage is absolutely advantageous for every sphere of operation. It is efficient in transmitting every type of information, from advertising to warning, in the most interactive manner, not bothering about printing cost. Our thought leadership and experience in this field let us distribute our skills among every sphere that needs it.


Interactive marketing techniques should be present everywhere they can reach a customer’s eye. Shopping is therefore one of the more beneficial areas of use for digital signage. Using the creative approach will result in maximum customer attention on any aspect you wish. Screen-based displays will receive twice as more notice because of their interactive and innovative features.

Increase sales
Engage customers, invest in advertising your partners
On-screen notifications for special deals
Product launch promotion

Banks are inevitable for everyone: whether you are a businessman, employee, or not working at all. This means everyone attends banks at one point or another. With that comes a long line of people waiting for their turns, where they wish something distracting and entertaining would be displayed in front of them. Luckily, digital signage comes in very helpful for interactive announcements or any type of information to be presented to customers within the banking industry.

Digital banking
Minimize waste of resources
Resourcefully and strategically engage your clients
Consumer feedback analytics
Custom Branding adhering to your guidelines
Advertise promotional content
Real-time currency rates
Fire Alarm and Emergency alert integration
Display working hours
Directory for other branches

Information goes in unison with education. Needless to say that is why this sphere needs an interactive way to present information. Apart from being easy to catch the eyes of students, it is also a great way to initiate and promote the reduction of paper use, as well as bring their attention to emergency warnings and messages. That is especially useful because students have long stopped paying attention to paper based announcements.

Instant alerts and emergency message display
Way finding for new students or visitors
Academic reminders
Notify students about events and activities
Communicate with school staff (cafeteria, meeting room, faculty lounge)
Sport Events

Best viewer experience for sport fans comes not only with being in the crowd, but also being able to see the live action on high quality resolution screen. Not everyone gets the best spot in the audience, yet everything should be done to ensure the amazing spirit of the event. Our rewarding technology gives endless opportunities to achieve those goals for your consumers.

Promote your sponsors
Custom Branding adhering to your event guidelines and theme
Advertising space rental to generate revenue
Fire Alarm and Emergency alert integration
Live TV stream integration
Digital scoreboards
Match fixture reporting

Government has a lot to say to the public. All institutions within that sphere generate a constant flow of information to the people. Unfortunately sometimes that flow can also include messages of warning that threaten the wellbeing of the population. That is why in order for any type of governmental level announcement to be paid more attention to, digital signage technology is extremely helpful and effective.

Wayfinding capabilities to the right place
Improve services for foreign language speakers
​Share new regulations, crime alerts and disaster info
​Share new regulations, crime alerts and disaster info

Innovative approach should be present in every single industry both for promotional purposes and for the satisfaction of the consumer. Why not upgrade regular handwritten or printed “specials menu” or “happy hour” with high end screen-based methods?

Improve sales with eye-catching content
Instantly update prices and change menus
Display information and indications, and free staff to focus on duty
Link to social media with your customer’s reviews instantaneously on the screen
Art and Culture

21st century is the era when one can unleash his/her creativity to an unlimited extent. That is why the creative approach with digital signage technologies is needed in art exhibitions, cultural events and venues with such directions. Creative spheres require creative solutions for message communication.

Guide guests through way finding
Enhance visitor experience
Provide dynamic information about events
Announcement of new attractions and events
​Generate revenue by renting dynamic advertising space
Means of Transportation

The field of transportation is in need of a little innovation! Interactive bright colored displays that show the departure and arrival time, give directions, as well as other valuable information, can make the experience of traveling twice as pleasant. What is also important, it can make any type of advertisement more effective to communicate to the customer.

Display Emergency / evacuation and security information
Luggage retrieval system information
Route guidance
CCTV integration

Anything concerning the health of a person is certainly important. That is why communicating a message related to this sphere effectively is even more important. Digital signage solutions will make processes like waiting in line for appointment more pleasant and less boring with their ability to catch attention and transmit interactive, while helpful, information.

Display important healthcare information and instructions
Help visitors and patient find their way around
Keep employees informed
Waiting room entertainment for patients (informative)
Educational signage apps/interactive games for children

The industry of Hospitality is not just one of the fastest growing ones. Hospitality entails maximum consumer engagement and communication. And for your service to be customer friendly, the way you communicate your message to your users should be on the highest level. Digital signage services of MOSECO Qatar are your opportunity to make your creative ideas into reality and provide your customers with the best experience. Interesting visuals, interactive content, and you have your visitor’s full attention in your hotel, resort, reception area and elsewhere.

Minimize waste of resources
Promote entertainment within the facility
Consumer feedback analytics
Custom Branding adhering to your guidelines
Advertising space rental to generate revenue
Fire Alarm and Emergency alert integration
Link to Social Media
Real Estate

Advertising should not be done to only entertain, or only promote your service. It should combine the two profiles in order to achieve maximum results. Real Estate industry inevitably needs this approach to show 3D visualizations to customers and have a positive impact on their sales and promotion.

Improve customer service
Showcase lifelike representations of the space
Consumer feedback analytics
Custom Branding adhering to your guidelines
Advertising space rental to generate revenue
Fire Alarm and Emergency alert integration
Face recognition mirrors provide subtle signage and messages to your tenants
Out-of-home Media Advertising

Imagine Times Square in New York. Millions of billboards advertising all types of brands, millions of eyes on them… Yes! That is the type of attention MOSECO Qatar wants for your business to achieve. Outdoor media advertising is an absolute leader among the most eye-catching methods to interest the public. And for such advertising, high-end technologies are absolutely needed!

Promote and advertise
Drive brand awareness. Entertain and inform
Generate revenue by renting advertising space
Mass target audience