What We Do

Screen-based telecommunications are one of the most effective methods to reach out to the smart customers in a smart way. And we, MOSECO Qatar, are specialized to provide you with a wide array of such services. Our Digital Signage solutions include everything you might need from hardware, software, and content. Along with the rich variety, our company always ensures excellent quality and innovative approach in all aspects of this industry to meet the highest standards. Our expertise is there to help you succeed.

Video Walls for Command Centers

MOSECO Qatar provides Video Walls with high system integrity, that meet all world class standards with their excellent quality. Our solutions are feasible for every sphere of the Economy, including Education, Security, Data Centers, Command Control Services, Cinemas and Leisure, Transportation Services and Utilities.


Our technologies are designed and adapted to perfectly meet your needs and suit the environment they operate in with high durability and satisfying results through redundancy configurations and exceptional quality.

Screens & video walls
Pixel Pitch 0-20 MM
High brightness up to 800 nits
High resolution capabilities 4k
Elegant look and feel
Digital Signage and IPTV

Customer engagement is a priority for every action your business undertakes. That is why MOSECO Qatar does not only provide digital signage service with all its components including hardware, software and content management, but goes beyond the borders to ensure maximum engagement from consumers. Video walls and LED displays are just a few of the solutions we supply, while also concentrating on innovation and cost effective approach for our customers in everything we implement.

Kiosks, Screens, Video Walls, LEDs and Players
MOSECO Qatar is your trusted source of the most modern technologies to ensure your success. Our newest solutions are designed to provide the best user experience through profound planning and monitoring. Turn ordinary processes like wayfinding into smarter, faster and easier procedures.
Screens & video walls
High brightness up to 800 nits
High resolution capabilities 4k.
Elegant look and feel
High brightness up to 6000 nits
Players & Room Signage
High performance & reliability
Elegant look and feel
High brightness up to 3000 units
High performance & reliability
Outdoor harsh weatherproof
Display size ranging from 5 inch to 98 inch
Outdoor harsh-weather-proof kiosks and LED displays
Titan resistance mounting structures
Scalable and flexible system architecture
Standalone, on premises and cloud based configuration
Designed to operate 24/7/365

Simply providing services is not how we do it at MOSECO Qatar. We make sure that the services we supply are flexible. This means, that our solutions can be integrated with a wide variety of systems and technologies to ensure the best performance possible. That is what guarantees effectiveness and value in everything our company does nationwide.

Web Services
Social Media
MS Exchange
IPTV systems
CCTV systems
Analytics and user feedback collection systems
Database integration
Fire alarm digital systems
Content Management

Content is the key component while transferring your message or information to the consumers. MOSECO Qatar provides you with all aspects of content for your digital signage marketing. Proficient content management and control for your business will include distributing additional information on displays for more customer engagement and friendlier user interface.

Create and save infinite templates and layouts
Control up to 10000 digital signage players
Schedule content to be played automatically
Monitor and preview displays
Live Data modules (Weather condition, Prayer times...)
Custom Live data (List of customer in the queue, time until next weekly meeting...)

Our company possesses an invaluable experience in the Telecom industry. And our mission is to use that expertise in order to provide your business with a variety of products for their operation and maintenance, including pole and tower assembly, shelter power perpetration, rooftop sites and their alignments.

Base station and mobile antennas
Indoor and outdoor antennas camouflage
Combiners, diplexers, splitters, tappers, RET-Systems
Trading, installation and maintenance of towers, public switches and UPS

Before any action is taken, it is crucial to have an advisory consulting on what, how and where to do it. Our consulting services exist to help any business strive for prospering all over the nation. MOSECO Qatar is your reliable strategic partner to a better, smarter action plan.

Consulting Services
Public displays OOH
Way Finding
WOW Content
Smart cities infrastructure
Innovation and Smarter Cities

MOSECO Qatar is known to provide the best solutions that have superb quality, high level of system integrity and are very cost-effective. But most of all, MOSECO Qatar is surpassing all standards and expectations by supplying the most innovative approach in every project we implement. In this digital era of life, Smart Cities are what the world is leaning towards for better, easier, more modern future, that will ensure sustainability and quality operation. Our services will provide you with every smart aspect to have a contribution into the smarter nation across Qatar.


Innovation connects people, and MOSECO Qatar is your trusted source into the creation of smart connections, security systems, increase of effectivity, and ensuring civic engagement.

*CIVIQ Mobility Experience
Safety and Security
Transit and Wayfinding
Citizen Engagement